Zoning Division

The Zoning Division administers the Zoning Ordinance that preserves the existing character of the city and provides for the development of areas in a manner consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. The Zoning Ordinance is the enforcement tool that allows Waynesboro to accomplish the objectives of the comprehensive land use guide for our community.
  1. BZA Appeals Process

    See if you meet the requirements for a BZA variance request.

  2. Conditional Use Permits

    Learn about obtaining a Conditional Use Permit.

  3. Forms & Applications

    Download a variety of applications and forms related to zoning.

  4. GIS Mapping

    Take a look at the official zoning district map.

  5. Home Occupations

    Find regulations about running a business from your home.

  6. Rezoning

    Read information on rezoning requests.

  7. Signs

    View sign regulations and download the Sign Permit Application.

  8. Site Development

    Access information on the site development plan review process and requirements.

  9. Site Development Fee Schedule

    Take a look at fees associated with site development plans.

  10. Zoning Fee Schedule

    Look at fees for various permits and requests.

  11. Zoning Resources / Links

    Check out a list of helpful zoning resources.

  12. Zoning Ordinance

    Research Chapter 98 of the City Code.