Christmas Parade

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Entries are now being accepted for the parade.

All entries must be submitted online or in person at the Parks and Recreation office.

To submit your entry, click the green register button at the lower left of the page. You will need to create a Parks and Recreation account if you don't already have one, which just consists of entering your name, address, telephone number, and email. You must submit an email address  (or telephone number) so important information can be relayed to parade participants.  You will be able to use this account to register for any of the parks and recreation activities or programs in the future. 

Entry Deadline: November 9, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.
Makeup Date:  Tuesday, December 5, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.

Guidelines for Participation

1)            Entry deadline is Thursday, November 9th by 5pm. The entry fee for all entries is one, new, unwrapped toy. Commercial entries will also need to submit $40. Toys can be dropped off at packet pickup. Applications returned after the deadline will not be accepted. You must submit an application to be in the parade.  There is no guarantee you will be placed just because you were a past participant.

2)            Every entry MUST be lit and/or decorated. Please remember this parade is designed to entertain families, especially children, so try and be creative. Select a theme of your choosing and decorate cohesively for maximum impact.

3)            Any performance along the route, or in front of the judges, must be a moving/ marching routine. NO STOPPING ALONG THE PARADE ROUTE - WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE JUDGES STAND AND ONLY FOR A 30 SECOND ROUTINE. Entries that stop anywhere else along the route may be disqualified for an award.

4)            There is to be only one (1) “Santa” in the parade. He will be positioned at the parade end.  The City of Waynesboro will designate the “official” parade Santa. DO NOT HAVE ANYONE DRESSED AS SANTA ON YOUR FLOAT OR IN YOUR VEHICLE.

5)            There will be a maximum of 10 antique vehicles (MUST be at least 25 yrs. old) in the parade this year.  The positions will be awarded to the first ten (10) entries received.

6)            Car clubs will be limited to four (4) vehicles only.  Motorcycle clubs are limited to 12

7)            If your float is being pulled by a tractor trailer, YOU MUST let us know on your application.  This is needed to allow ample space in the line up area. There will be a special line-up time for all tractor trailers involved. Trailers must not exceed 35’.

8)            Items such as candy, etc. are not permitted to be thrown from vehicles due to safety

9)            All entries with animals must have someone following behind to clean up.

10)          All parade participants must agree to the policies of Invista while in the parade staging area on Invista Property.  Those rules include the prohibition of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms of any kind.

11)        11)      Only vehicles listed on the application form are issued parking passes and
           allowed into the parade. Only vehicles with a parking pass will be allowed down
           Short Street and in the Invista Parking lot. No other vehicles are allowed in to
           drop off kids and supplies. Please make sure everyone in your group
           understands this, parents of children included.

12)          Participant packets, with parking passes and additional information will be available for pick up at the Parks & Recreation office between Nov. 20 - Dec. 1. Bring your toy for entry fee at this time. The Parks and Rec office will be closed on the Nov. 23 -24.