1. Complaints & Compliments

    Give your feedback to the Police Department to help them better serve you.

  2. Concealed Weapons Permit

    Learn how to obtain a concealed weapons permit.

  3. Copy of Records

    Get details on how to request a copy of a record.

  4. Criminal History Checks

    Learn how to submit a criminal history check.

  5. Dangerous Dog Registry

    View a registry of dangerous dogs in the local area.

  6. Fingerprinting

    The Police Department does general fingerprinting.

  1. Parking Violation Appeals

    Find forms to submit parking tickets appeals.

  2. Ride Along Program

    Explore the life of an officer by doing a ride along.

  3. Sex Offender Registry

    View information about the sex offender registry.

  4. Traffic Watch

    Stay up to date on traffic and road conditions with traffic watch.

  5. Parking Waiver and Information Sheet