1. Bulk Collection

    Bulk Collection

  2. Recycling

    A recycling center is available to all residents who wish to participate in voluntary recycling efforts.

  3. Refuse

    This department is responsible for all refuse collection.

  4. Snow Removal

  5. Sewer

    1. Wastewater Treatment Plant

      Learn about the purpose of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

    2. Sewer Collection

      Review the services performed by Sewer Collection.

  6. Street Maintenance

    Discover what road maintenance the Street Division performs.

    1. Milling & Paving Schedule

      Milling & Paving Schedule

  7. Water

    1. Water Treatment Plant

      Learn about the facility that treats and purifies our water.

    2. Water Distribution

      Browse through the services the Water Division provides to the community.

  8. Utility Billing