Pool Classes

Inner tube Water Polo

Want to try something new and different at the War Memorial Pool?  So do we!  Water Polo is a very strenuous sport, so why not add inner tubes and make it available to everyone?  By playing from an inner tube, it's a less rigorous game with limited player contact.  Plus it's a good way to get in some exercise in a laid back and casual environment.  How can you go wrong being outdoors in the summertime in a pool with a ball, friends and inner tubes?!?  Call or send us an email if you and your friends would like to see this league become a reality!  

Below you will find the classes that were offered in 2015.  Check back in the spring of 2016 for available classes.
Try - Dive Scuba Class
This program will be conducted solely in the shallow end of the pool, per requirements of the program. It is strictly an introduction to the equipment, how it is used and how the water pressure effects the body. We would start with a brief video, equipment fitting, enter the water, dawn the scuba gear, a quick review of the uses of the gear, skills demonstration and then playing underwater.  Pre-registration is required for all classes at the Parks and Recreation office.  Please call 540-942-6735 for questions.
  • Class Duration:  1 hour and 30 minutes (9:30am-11am)
  • Ages: 12 & Up
  • Class Minimum: 5 participants
  • Cost: $25/person

 Discover Scuba  

This program will be conducted in both the shallow and the deep parts of the pool. A true introduction to the world of scuba. The program begins with a more extensive video, introduction of the gear and the underwater environment. Individuals will be fitted into gear before entering the water and putting on the scuba kit. An introduction to the scuba gear and demonstration of skills provides the knowledge for an enjoyable adventure in the underwater environment. Pre-registration is required for all classes at the Parks and Recreation office.  

  • Class Duration: 2 hours (10am-12pm)
  • Ages: 12 & Up
  • Class Minimum: 4 participants
  • Cost: $45/person 
Shallow Pool