Greater Augusta Wellness Partnership

The Greater Augusta Wellness Partnership (GAWP) was created by the membership of the Augusta Community Health Forum in 2016. The GAWP’s foundation rests upon the belief that creating a healthy community is possible through collective impact.  The GAWP grew out of a desire to reinvigorate an existing networking group by recognizing the importance of the social determinants of health and their impact on physical, psychological and economic health. 

The Greater Augusta Wellness Partnership officially began in January of 2017 with the acceptance and ratification of the Articles of Collaboration.

Mission Statement: The Greater Augusta Wellness Partnership is a catalyst for promoting collaborative, active partnerships to sustain a healthy community in the greater Augusta region.


Vision Statement:   The Greater Augusta Region:  a healthy, thriving, connected community.


The Greater Augusta Wellness Partnership is an organized, local collective of individuals and agencies moving toward a shared vision of Community wellness using common resources, a motivated membership and purposeful action.  The first step in moving towards this common vision is the collection and analyzation of data to allow for the measuring of results around our shared plan for change. The following pages outline how this was accomplished.

GAWP Meeting Dates

Steering Committee:

Wednesday, April 5, 9am United Way

Thursday, May 4:  9am TBD

Thursday, July 6:  9am VCSB

Thursday, September 7:  9am VCSB

Thursday, November 2: 9am VCSB

Behavioral Health Action Team

Education Action Team

Wednesday, March 8:  3:30 UWAY

Wednesday, March 15:  3:30 Transit Center

Wednesday, April 12:  3:30 UWAY

Wednesday, April 19:  3:30 TBD

Wednesday, May 10:  3:30 UWAY

Wednesday, May 17:  3:30 Transit Center

Wednesday, June 14:  3:30 UWAY

Wednesday, June 21:  3:30 TBD

Wednesday, July 12:  3:30 UWAY

Wednesday, July 19:  3:30 Transit Center

Wednesday, August 9:  3:30 UWAY

Wednesday, August 16:  3:30 TBD

Wednesday, September 13:  3:30 UWAY

Wednesday, September 20:  3:30 Transit Center


August 2nd, 3:30 Augusta Community Care Building

December 6th, 3:30 Augusta Community Care Building

For more information please contact Amy Davenport, GAWP Coordinator at: