FY 24 Request for Proposals (TANF Expansion Grant)

TANF Expansion Grant funds must be used by programs directly impacting low and moderate income (up to 200% of the Federal Poverty Line) residents of Staunton, Augusta County and/or Waynesboro. Successful projects will be responsive to the areas of need identified through the 2021 CAPSAW Needs Assessment process as well as the Mission of CAPSAW. The assessment report, strategic plan, reporting forms and other helpful information can be found below under "Helpful Resources".  

The contract period will begin July 1, 2023 and end June 30, 2024.  This is a one year grant and is not renewable.

Who can apply?  Eligibility is limited to nonprofit and government programs providing at least one priority activity to eligible families.  Eligible families must meet two criteria: (1) include a child living with their custodial parent or other adult caretaker relative (or a pregnant person); and (2) be financially eligible (up to 200% of the FPL).  Currently funded CAPSAW programs should not apply for the same program or service for which funding has already been allocated in FY 24.  Other eligibility requirements can be found on the Eligibility Check List tab of the Program Data and Budget Workbook.

For help in determining if your agency is eligible, please contact CAPSAW staff at:  valleycapsaw@gmail.com or at 540-292-0017. New applicants are encouraged to contact CAPSAW before applying. Application training dates are listed on the final page of the TANF Expansion Grant Guide and can be found on below and on the Events & Training Opportunites tab.

Amount of funding available:  Individual award amounts are determined at the discretion of the CAPSAW Board of Directors. Program implementation to begin July 1, 2023. Approximately $40,000 total is available. Some or all of these funds may be allocated through this process. 

Funds awarded are estimated and may change as the budget process evolves. This is a reimbursement-based grant, meaning that approved funds will be provided to contracted agencies after expenses have been incurred. Typical quarterly reimbursement amounts represent ¼ of the total annual contract, however, amounts may fluctuate in some situations as allowed by CAPSAW policies and procedures. Documentation of eligible expenses will be reviewed during the contract period through quarterly reporting processes and CAPSAW staff request. 

Required attachments are due by 9am on March 20, 2023 and should be submitted as indicated within the application materials to valleycapsaw@gmail.com.  Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Required Attachments:

  1. Completed W9 tax form (new applicants only)
  2. Completed Vendor Questionnaire (new applicants only)

Information Sessions (zoom)

Friday, March 3

11:00 am

Meeting ID: 878 5532 9009

Passcode:     320412

Tuesday, March 7

3:30 pm

Meeting ID: 874 2590 3506

Passcode:     381581

The application and additional information will be posted here by February 22, 2023.

 Helpful Resources:

2021 Needs Assessment Report

Strategic Plan 2020 - 2024

Suggested Services & Outcomes

Contracted Agency Requirements

Demographic Glossary of Terms

CAPSAW Policies and Procedures