Official Election Notices

An election notice will be prepared not later than 100 days before a regularly scheduled election that permits absentee voting, and as soon as practicable in the case of a not regularly scheduled special election. As soon as ballot styles are approved, the Virginia State Board of Elections will update its website with the certified candidates for each office and ballot measures that will be on the ballot. For most elections, ballots will be sent at least 46 days before the election to voters that have requested them. You may request an updated election notice be sent to you.

Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot
This notice may be used to vote a Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (FWAB)
Before using a FWAB, you must first request a regular absentee ballot by using the Federal Postcard Application (FPCA)

Covered military and overseas voters who have not timely received a regular absentee ballot may use the FWAB to register to vote, request an absentee ballot, and vote an official military-overseas ballot. Your signed and completed FWAB must be received no later than the close of polls on Election Day. If received later than this day and time, your FWAB ballot normally will not be counted. A FWAB ballot or a regular ballot can only be returned by mail, addressed to the voting official for your city or county of voting residence. Virginia does not allow return of any voted ballot by email or fax. 

Marking a FWAB
When marking a FWAB, for each office for which you wish to vote, write in either a candidate's name or political party designation. For ballot measures or referenda, write either "YES" (you are for the ballot measure or referendum) or "NO" (you are against the ballot measure or referendum). If you indicated you wish to participate in a party primary, you may only vote for the candidates of the party you indicated. Please contact your local election official to confirm your absentee or voter registration status. You may also visit the Virginia State Board of Elections website to check your voter registration and absentee voting status or for additional information on military / overseas absentee voting.