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Please see map below for current removal progress.

During the course of the snowfall, all efforts will be concentrated on keeping primaries clear of accumulation. When possible, resources will be diverted to secondary and snow access routes. Upon the conclusion of each event’s snowfall and the final clearing of primary, secondary and snow access routes, resources will be diverted into each of the 4 zones. Each zone is assigned a group of plows and equipment. Sequential plowing and clearing of areas within each zone will be tracked on the map below. As the Public Works Department clears a zone of snow, this map will be shaded to reflect that the area has been opened and then a second shading for when the area has been completed. This map will be updated throughout the weather event. If you have any questions about this map please call Public Works Operations at 942-6743. For further snow removal information please go to our snow page.
Please note: areas are not considered complete until cleared to full width possible. It is recommended that snow removal efforts on driveways, on-street parking and sidewalks be delayed until your area has been identified as complete.

Current Snow Removal Status

Current Snow Map
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