Dog Licensing

Dog tags go on sale November 1 of each year. This license must be purchased and on your dog by January 31 of the following year. The license must be displayed on the dogs collar at all times. The cost for the dog tags are $7.50 each. We require a current rabies certificate on file to purchase them. Also, if the tag is due to expire in 30 days or less, we cannot sell a tag until the rabies is updated and we have that certificate on file.

All dogs in the City of Waynesboro must have a dog license after their first rabies shot. A puppy needs to have his or her first rabies shot at the age of four months. This initial shot is usually good for one year. Thereafter, the dog will need to have his/her shot every three years. Once a dog obtains their first rabies vaccination at the age of four (4) months, or a dog is a new resident of the city of Waynesboro, you have thirty (30) days from that date to obtain a dog tag with no additional late fee.

In order to obtain a dog license you will need to bring the rabies certificate from the veterinarian indicating the expiration date. This form must be brought each year to purchase a license. Please provide your current physical address and phone number (no post office boxes please).

The Dog Tag Registration Form should be downloaded, printed, filled out, and either brought into the office or mailed in to purchase dog licenses. Remember to include the current vaccination records for your dog.