Commissioner of Revenue

The Virginia Code and the City Code assign duties and responsibilities to this office. When carrying out our duties and responsibilities, we strive to ensure each person coming to our office receives quality customer service and satisfaction.

Our Process
Our workload runs in cycles. During the month of January, we are very busy issuing and re-issuing local business licenses. Beginning in February and on through May, we are preparing, auditing, processing, and mailing individual income tax returns. During the same time period, we are receiving and reviewing the applications for the Real Estate and Mobile Home Tax Relief Program. Once the deadline for filing income tax returns has passed, we jump right into assessment of personal property. This process is usually completed in late September or early October. The last few months of the year are spent reconciling business license accounts, reviewing policy and procedures, receiving instructions on new state and local legislation, and preparing mass mailings for the upcoming year. Each month we process meals, lodging, and short term rental tax.