Credit / Debit Card Payments

The Treasurer’s Office is accepting credit card payments through Paymentus. You can access this system to pay:

Tips for Using Paymentus

If you have multiple accounts that you are trying to pay using Paymentus, enter only one of your account numbers, but enter the total of all accounts in the amount box. We can look up the additional account numbers by the name provided on the payment.

If you are paying something other than a utility bill or a tax bill, use the property tax option, and the appropriate account number. 

Pay by Phone

You can make payments by calling 877-318-5780 and entering either the tax account number or the utility account number. The fees for using this service are:
Bill  Fee
Tax Payments 2.75% of tax bill 
Utility Payments $4.95 per payment

Payments can also be made in person at the Treasurer's Office. If you have any questions, please call our office at 540-942-6606.

Kiosk for Utility Payments

The Yancey Municipal Building has a self-pay kiosk in the lobby to pay Utility Bills.  The kiosk is located just outside the council chambers door. There is a convenience fee of $4.95 to use this service.