Sheriff's Office

Duties & Responsibilities
The Waynesboro Sheriff’s Department is responsible for serving civil process within the city limits, and for providing courtroom / courthouse security for the three Waynesboro courts.  

The court security function of the Sheriff’s Department is assisted by two part-time employees responsible for the operation of the metal detectors at the entrance of each courthouse. The bailiffs and court security officers are directly responsible for maintaining order in the courtrooms, and the safety and security of the judges, clerks, and court attendees.

Public Notice: All persons entering the City of Waynesboro Court buildings are subject to search and will walk through the magnetometer. All persons may be subject to further search.

Fees for Civil Process
Please send cashier’s check or money order only, made payable to the Waynesboro Sheriff’s Department.

Status  Fee
In-State $12 / per person
Out-of-State $75 / per person*
*No fees shall be assessed for the service of protective orders