Planning Department

The Planning Department is committed to advancing the quality lifestyle and economic development as envisioned by the city’s comprehensive plan. We work with the community to achieve its desired future. The planning staff facilitates public processes. Principle functions and responsibilities include the following areas:     
  • Reviews and manages conditional use, rezoning, subdivisions, street / alley vacations, and historic structure demolition / relocation applications
  • Coordinates and implements long range planning policies and goals related to historic preservation, transportation and environmental planning, community and economic development as embodied in the city’s comprehensive plan
  • Performs city ordinance review and revisions, particularly the zoning and subdivision ordinances
  • Assists in the development of the city’s capital improvement plan
  • Provides technical support to the Waynesboro Planning Commission
  • Responds to citizen requests and inquiries
The Planning Department also pursues a variety of special projects related to community development, such as the Safe Routes to School Program.