Rich History

The City of Waynesboro takes great pride in the natural beauty that surrounds and enhances life within its borders. Waynesboro’s horticulture program has worked diligently to promote a high quality of urban life for every citizen and visitor since its designation in 1988. Headed by a professional horticulturist, the program utilizes modern and responsible practices in all facets of operation. Their handy work can be seen throughout the city and especially in the Downtown corridor. 
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Annual Planting
Each spring and fall, the horticulture program designs and installs multiple annual beds located throughout the city. This includes several entrance beds paired with signs welcoming visitors along key routes into the city. Downtown hanging baskets provide a splash of color overhead during summer months. These, along with sidewalk containers, are also designed, planted, and maintained by city staff. All annual plantings are conceived from a desire to provide change and impact from year to year so that the community can enjoy new and different patterns of color. Numerous other sites throughout Waynesboro utilize perennial plantings that are more predictable but always exciting. These areas require year-round care and observation. The city strives to create new plantings and improve existing ones. Though sometimes overlooked, even a small group of well-suited perennials can soften the most rigid urban hardscape.
2020 Pasket Planting Video Part 1
2020 Basket Planting Video Part 2
2020 Hanging Basket Update Video 
2020 Foodscape Revolution Video

Urban Forestry

Urban forestry is also a primary component of Waynesboro’s efforts to promote a healthy and attractive urban environment. Every tree within Waynesboro’s boundaries plays a vital role in supporting the fragile ecosystem characteristic of the modern city. Therefore, Waynesboro has an active tree-planting program, which includes the planting of median trees, street trees, a downtown arboretum, as well as plans for an expanded public garden in Ridgeview Park. The city also has a formal Tree Ordinance that protects trees on city property and dictates the installation of new trees and landscaping during private commercial construction. These and other projects, like Arbor Day celebrations, have gained the City of Waynesboro the nationally renowned Tree City USA recognition for over 25 years in a row.

You can help contribute to Waynesboro's urban forest by planting trees on your own property. When selecting a tree for your property, consider the space you have available and note the existence of any overhead utilities. You will want to select a tree with an appropriate mature size to avoid any future conflicts that may create maintenance issues. You might also want to select native species. Natives are best suited to serve our local animals, insects, and birds so they tend to offer greater ecosystem benefits. Trees come in all shapes and sizes so there is likely a tree out there to suit your requirements. To ensure your tree gets off to a good start be sure to plant it the proper way. Watch the Arbor Day video below for some useful tips on planting!