Meals & Lodging Tax

As a consumer, when you visit any Waynesboro restaurant or lodging establishment, you will be charged a 7% local meals tax or a 6% local lodging tax in addition to the state sales tax of 5.3%. In total you should be charged no more than 12.3% total tax on your purchase.

Tips for Filing Your Return

As a business owner who collects the meals and lodging tax, here are few tips that may help you when filing your return:
  • If you are a new business, please call our office or email us. You will need to register the business for collection of the tax.
  • Remember all payments are due by the 20th of the month, following the month of collection. For example, all tax collected in January will be due by February 20th.
  • If you are a business that collects the meals tax, remember to take your discount when paying on time. If you do not pay on time, then you lose your discount and you are charged a penalty.