Swim Lessons

2020 Swim Lesson Registration open March 1st!  To register, please click the green "Register" button to the right.


All registration will be done online, just select the green 'Register' button at the top right of the page. You will need to set up an account with your information and then add your children as additional members. The process is quick and you only have to do it once! Just register your children with a click of a button. The schedule of their lessons will be available under the calendar tab of your account. 

 All classes are Mondays - Thursdays for two weeks. All classes are 30 minutes in duration and cost $35. Classes are limited in size to a minimum of three participants and a maximum of six participants. Friday's are built in as make up days for weather. If needed Saturday and Sunday will be offered as additional make up days.


(suggested ages 2-4 years old)
This class is designed to help enable a child to become accustomed to being in water. This class also aims to teach parents proper techniques for handling their child in the water and general water safety. Skills to be taught include pool exploration, kicking and splashing, blowing bubbles, and putting faces in water. Children will learn how fun water can be with our excited instructors and age appropriate water games. An adult must accompany each child in pool.


(suggested ages 4-8 years old)
This class is designed to help the child feel comfortable in water and start learning basic swimming techniques. This is an entry level beginner class geared for young children with little to no swimming experience. Skills to be taught include kicking with a kickboard, going under water, holding breath, back float, beginner strokes (free style, doggie paddle), and pool safety. During the course of this class your child will be able to get across the pool using a kick board or noodle, be comfortable putting their face in the water and holding breath for 5 seconds, and be at ease in the water. 


(suggested ages 6-12 years old, goldfish must be completed first)
This class will introduce proper technique for free style, backstroke, and breast stroke. During this course children are expected to be able to swim across the pool without touching the bottom, hold their breath for 10 seconds, and float on their back.  Skills to be taught include free style swim, back stroke swim, and breast stroke swim for 20 yards. Participants will also work on diving and pool safety. 

(suggested ages 8-12 years old, swordfish must be completed first)
This class will improve endurance of previous strokes and begin work on butterfly. This class will focus on endurance of swimming and fine tune stroke technique learned in previous classes. Prior to this class, participants should be able to swim free style, back stroke, and breast stroke the short length of the pool 40 yards. 

Teen & Adult Beginner

(13+ years old)
This class will teach the basic skills of swimming to teenagers and adults, including survival strokes. Participants are not expected to have any previous swim experience. 

If you don't know what level your child falls into give us a call at 540-942-6767 or 540-942-6735 to schedule a test for your child to see where he/she stands.