'That Holiday Feeling' Decorations Trail 2020'

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Everyone has been couped up for awhile now, and will enjoy a chance to get out and experience a little festivity.  Load up household members in the car, and set out to soak up 'That Holiday Feeling' in Waynesboro.  This program will run from Friday, December 4- Sunday, December 20, 6-8pm.

Check out the map below for locations of participants that have decorated their homes or businesses:

Decorations Map

If you take any good pictures, please send us a copy (along with the address) and we will attach it to the map. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

Addresses with decorations to check out (these are in no particular order- chart your trail however works best for you):

207 West Main St, Constitution Park

321 West Main St, Wayne Theater

601 W Main St, Main Street UMC

110 North Wayne Ave, BRCC Waynesboro Outpost

112 South Wayne Ave

320 South Wayne Ave

512 Arch Ave, Bargain Barn

357 Market Ave 

2316 Belvue Ave

2333 Belvue Ave

931 Battery Road

2701 West Main St, Carter Bank and Trust

2503 Jefferson Hwy, Kline and Co. Reality 

184 Kingsbury Dr

91 Twin Hills lane, Fishersville

2328 Monroe St

2332 Monroe St

205 Rutledge Dr

113 Iris Dr

1525 Mulberry St 

1600 block of Park Rd

205 Randolph Ave

500 Edwardian Lane

240 N Delphine Ave 

200 E Main St

S. Bath Ave

589 N. Bath Ave.

256 N Charlotte Ave

900 Essex Ave, Waynesboro City Shops

262 Florence Ave.

235 Elizabeth Ave

401 King Ave

333 Loudoun Ave 

501 Oak Ave, Summit Square

701 Locust Avenue

476 Chestnut Avenue 

545 Chestnut Ave

505 Maple Ave

777 Maple Avenue

1081 Woodrow Ave

1117 Club Rd

1133 Greendale Road

230 Court Rd

200 York Dr

1319 York Dr 

1617 Brunswick Rd 

101 Devon Ct

868 Shawnee Rd

1219 Greenbrier Rd

1431 Sunset Ln

1511 Chatham Rd

1604 Chatham Rd

1636 Chatham Rd 

134 Long Bow Road

120 Long Bow Rd

71 Woodside Dr 

63 Woodside Dr

108 Cedarcrest Dr

10 Pinebark Drive

51 Pinebark Drive 

41 Greystone Ln