Comprehensive Plan

The Plan

City Council adopted a new Comprehensive Plan for the City on March 26, 2018. Download the plan here.

The Comprehensive Plan is the city’s official document which establishes policies regarding the city’s long-term development. The document contains a general overview of current community conditions. Through a series of chapters it establishes the goals, objectives, and strategies for future land use patterns, environmental protection, transportation improvement, and community economic and social development. 

The Comprehensive Plan is also a statement of citizen expectations for the kind of community they wish to inhabit. It serves as the basis for new initiatives and guides the Planning Commission and Council through their Development Review processes. The plan details the means by which the public sector intends to influence and complement private sector development efforts. In this way, private ventures can be pursued that best leverage public investment and satisfy community objectives.

As specified by the Code of Virginia, the Comprehensive Plan shall be reviewed at least every five years by the Planning Commission to determine whether it is advisable to amend. 

Land Use Guide Brochure

Land Use Guide

The 2008 Waynesboro Land Use Guide and Land Use Map serve as a guide for future development and redevelopment decisions as well as more detailed future planning endeavors and design initiatives. 

Downtown Design Guidelines

The Downtown Design Guidelines were developed jointly by city staff, Waynesboro Downtown Development, Inc., the Waynesboro Redevelopment and Housing Authority, and downtown stakeholders to guide future development, and design the city’s downtown core. The document was adopted into the Comprehensive Plan early 2011.

Bicycle Plan

The Bicycle Plan is a sub-element of the transportation chapter of the city’s Comprehensive Plan. The plan outlines goals and strategies for improving bicycling conditions in Waynesboro, while proposing a bicycle route network throughout the city and providing guidance on the design of the bicycle facilities. Along with the proposed bicycle routes and facilities, the plan also recommends various bicycle-friendly policies and programs to promote safe bicycling amongst users of all ages and skills within the city. The Bicycle Plan was adopted into the Comprehensive Plan in October 2012.