Development Reviews

The Review Process

In Waynesboro, development review applications are accepted and processed by three separate departments depending on the type of permit or review process required. A majority of these applications are then reviewed and commented upon by the staff members from these and other departments prior to approval. If you're new to the process of getting plans approved, check out our Community Development Flowchart.

Reviews by the Planning Department

The Planning Department processes and manages the following applications: 

The submission deadline for Planning Department applications normally falls on the first Thursday of the month. Applications submitted by this deadline are typically scheduled for a public hearing by the Planning Commission 10 weeks later. A separate public hearing by the City Council is held the following month.

Reviews by the Building & Zoning Department

The Building and Zoning Department processes and manages the following applications:

Reviews by the Engineering Department

The Engineering Department processes and approves the following applications:

  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plans
  • Public Improvement Bonds
  • Public Improvements Construction Plans (water, sewer, and/or road plans)
  • Stormwater Management Permits
  • Other Public Works Forms

Click here for the application forms.