Support Services Division

The Support Services Division has one of the most vital missions in the department and a very dedicated, as well as diverse, work force to accomplish this mission. The division consists of both civilians and sworn personnel working in a variety of specialties that both support the department’s other three divisions and provide specific services to our citizens. The division is led by a captain and separated into two elements, a support staff and services section. The support staff is led by an office manager, three records technicians, and an administrative assistant / evidence technician. The services section is led by a police sergeant and includes a police corporal, two school resource officers, animal control officer, and four police operations technicians.
Some of the critical responsibilities carried out by members of this division include but are not limited to department training, school safety and security, crime prevention, public information / relations, animal control, records management, Virginia Criminal Information Network (VCIN), parking enforcement, evidence and property management, sex offender registration, criminal booking, concealed handgun permit applicant background checks, and a variety of administrative functions. 

In addition, the division is responsible for the public information mission of the department which includes media relations, the release of information to various interested parties and the public, to include requests for information under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The division also directs or supports other aspects of the department including school crossing guards, hostage negotiation team, and the police chaplain program.

The members of the Support Services Division are committed to providing the department and the citizens of Waynesboro with prompt, efficient, and professional service. In addition we strive in every interaction to live the department’s values.