Detective Division

The Detective Division is comprised of a captain, a sergeant, a corporal, and four detectives. The detectives are assigned to conduct all general investigations. Typical investigations associated with this unit include the investigation of violent crimes, major property crimes, drug related offenses, and investigations which require a degree of specialized investigative approach. The Detective Divisions is responsible for background investigations of police and emergency operations center applicants.

Each Detective receives specialized training in areas such as homicide investigation, sex crimes, crimes involving children, elder abuse, illegal drug trafficking, gang related crimes, fraud, embezzlement, interview and interrogation techniques, evidence collection, and computer crimes. The detectives have a flexible work schedule to best facilitate his or her responsibilities. The detectives rotate through an on call shift which requires them to be available 24/7 for a one week rotation. 

They coordinate with many local, state, and federal resources in their investigative efforts. Child abuse cases are a division priority and the detectives have a close working relationship with Child Protective Services. The detectives utilize the Child Advocacy Center extensively in their endeavors to best serve our child victims. The detectives work closely with the Office of the Commonwealth Attorney for the administration of justice and in addition, they facilitate the relationship between victims of crime and the victim witness coordinator.

The detectives are committed to providing professional and courteous service while striving to bring all criminal cases to a logical conclusion. It is the philosophy of the Detective Division that a team approach is the best and most effective, and efficient method of solving and preventing crime. This starts with community involvement and follows through to coordinating with all the available assets, programs, and other agencies that can best serve our citizens.