Complaints & Compliments

Personnel & Services Feedback
The Waynesboro Police Department is honored to have such dedicated and professional employees who are committed to provide citizens with prompt and effective services. In the event of a complaint or compliment concerning the actions of an employee or a service provided, let it be known that it is of great interest to us and we ask that it is brought to our attention. In order to maintain a high standard of professionalism of our employees and the services provided, we encourage you to take the time to let us know. We take pride in our good reputation and consider our integrity to be one of our greatest values.

A complaint will be reviewed and given immediate attention and, based on its merit, a thorough follow-up and/or investigation will be conducted. A compliment will be given the same type of attention with the appropriate people or person being recognized. Both will receive the appropriate action. Other details and instructions are located on the forms which can be downloaded or picked up at the Police Department.