Stormwater Administration

The Stormwater Program staff within the Engineering Division performs these core tasks:
  1. Regulatory Compliance for the City's MS4 Program
  2. Project Management for City Capital Improvement Projects
  3. Technical Support for Public Works Operations maintenance and construction projects



For starters, we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy at home. This is a challenging time for everyone, therefore, we will continue to share activities you can spend time doing at home with your families.

Latest News:

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*Compost Bins - We have GeoBin Compost Bins for citizens. Please email us at if you are interested in a bin.

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The Stormwater Program and local volunteers had a successful week of cleanups, collecting roughly 100 bags of trash along roadways and streams. SPECIAL THANKS to:

*Members from the Wildlife Center of Virginia
*WHS Ecology Class
*WHS Key Club
*Promotores de Salud
*Local Church Youth Groups
*Members of the South River Paddlers Group

Stay tuned for future cleanups if you or your organization would like to volunteer!


Running out of activities for your kiddos? We've added a few stormwater related activities here for you!

 Stormwater Activities

Here are a few fun stormwater related activities! Each of these can printed from this site.

LORAX Activity Book

Stormwater Terms Crossword

Word Scramble

Thirstin's Matching Game

Some of these activities can be found on the United States EPA website. Click the link below for more interactive activities for grades K-12!

US EPA Activities 

Click this image to complete the crossword puzzle online!

Stormwater Crossword


Video Picture

Click the picture above to tour the Wayne Hills Stormwater Detention Pond with Perry!

Follow the links below to explore the web pages for some of the organizations that made this project possible: 

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

VA Department of Forestry

VA Department of Conservation and Recreation

Stormwater Program Documents

  1. What is an MS-4?
  2. What does this mean?
The City was designated in 2013 as a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System because of the density of urban development within the City.