Utility Billing

Starting or Terminating Service

To start or terminate an account, you may call 540-942-6643, come to our office at 941 Fir St., or fill out our online form. There is a Deposit required for Renting Residential and Business Properties. The deposit amount is divided between the first 2 bills.  

You need to bring a current valid picture ID with you, as well as provide the following information:

  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Any other name you would like on the account
We need to have at least 24 hours notice to start service. Deposit and any previous balance must be paid in full before service begins.


Status  Rate
Garbage Only Accounts $60
Property Owners $0
Renting Business Property $250 
Renting Residential Property $150
Note: we need a copy of the sellers agreement / contract.

Services & Rates

Effective July 1, 2016
Service  Rate
Garbage $29 / can
Sewer $7.90 / thousand gallons
Water $4.54 / thousand gallons

Water service charge is based on meter size.
Meter Size  Rate
5/8-inch Meter*  $15.24
1-inch Meter $39.84
1.5-inch Meter $74.62
2-inch Meter $130.06
3-inch Meter $228.06
4-inch Meter $273.48
6-inch Meter $342.52
8-inch Meter $418.32
Rates for meters larger than 10 inches will be set by city manager. All of the rates above are based on bi monthly billing cycle.
*Standard residential meter size.

Sewer service charge is based on meter size
 Meter Size  Rate            
5/8-inch Meter $25.60
1-inch Meter $48.46
1.5-inch Meter $90.72
2-inch Meter $142.74
3-inch Meter $201.60
4-inch Meter  $274.10
6-inch Meter $437.12
8-inch Meter $685.52

Late Charges

Penalty  Effective Date Rate
Final Notice Penalty  Final notices are sent the day after the due date. $1.50
Late Payment Penalty Added the day after the due date. 5% / total bill
Late Payment Cut-off List Cut-off list is generated at 9 a.m. seven days past original due date. $40
Accrued Interest After an unpaid balance of one month. 1% / month