Traffic Safety

Procedures for Requesting Safety Review
Citizens may request consideration of traffic signs and other control devices, or traffic calming measures by submitting a completed Sign / Traffic Control / Traffic Calming Request Form and, if applicable, a neighborhood petition to the following address:
Sign / Traffic Control / Traffic Calming Requests
Department of Public Works
941 Fir Street 
Waynesboro, VA  22980 
Requests are reviewed by the professional staff of the City and the Transportation Safety Commission (TSC) and written responses are provided to applicants.  
Traffic Calming Request
Traffic calming generally refers to measures meant to reduce vehicle speeds, improve safety, and enhance the quality of life in the environs adjacent to streets. Traffic calming measures may include public education, law enforcement, and physical improvements. 

It is most helpful if requests for neighborhood traffic calming include the following types of information:  
  • The location of the problem, including the name of the street and the neighborhood. If there are problems on more than one street, then all the streets should be named. If the problem is neighborhood-wide, this should be stated.
  • The nature of the problem. This should state explicitly if the problem is one of vehicle speed, traffic volume, and/or safety concerns. Be sure to include time of day and whether it is during the week or on weekends.
  • Thoughts as to the cause of the problem. Does your neighborhood contain a shortcut that people are using? Is there congestion on a nearby arterial that may explain the increased traffic?
  • Extent of the problem. Have you discussed this with others in the neighborhood? Do others feel this is a problem?