Solid Waste Division

Refuse Collection
They City of Waynesboro offers a refuse collection program for all residents of the city. The program costs $14.50 per month and includes weekly collection of refuse and a monthly collection of Knuckleboom items.

On your regular collection day, please place your city roll-out container at the street or along the alley, where available, no later than 6 a.m. Due to safety concerns, no privately owned cans will be emptied. An occasional extra amount will be taken only if bagged, limited to one bag. If there is a need for another roll-out container, call the Utilities Department at 540-942-6643, and one will be provided for an additional fee.

In case of missed pick up due to inclement weather, extra bags will be acceptable. The roll-out container should be kept closed in order to keep out water, animals, insects, and to comply with our Health and Sanitation Requirements. Please keep your container in a clean condition, and rinse out occasionally with a garden hose. Because the carts are flammable, please do not put ashes, charcoal, or any other substance that would ignite. Contents of roll-out cart must not exceed 200 pounds. If your container is damaged, stolen, or you are concerned about a missed pick-up, notify the Refuse Department at 540-942-6764.

We Will Collect
  • Bagged free-floating materials
    • Styrofoam packing peanuts
    • Pet waste
    • Sawdust
  • Hardened latex paint (leave lid off)
  • Household refuse
    • Food waste
    • Paper products
    • Cans
    • Glass containers
  • Lawn debris
    • Shrub trimmings
    • Pine needles / cones
    • Grass trimmings that have been bagged
  • Medical use needles and syringes sealed in plastic containers (milk jugs, liquid laundry detergent) for safe collection
We Will Not Collect
  • Appliances will be collected by bulk collection
  • Car parts
  • Hazardous materials
    • Automotive fluids
    • Herbicides
    • Lead acid batteries
    • Oil paint
    • Paint thinner
    • Pesticides
    • Petroleum products
  • Masonry products (concrete blocks, bricks, mortar)
  • Rocks
A special hazardous waste collection is held every fall in Augusta County call 540-942-6720 for details. Motor oil and antifreeze will be collected at the Public Convenience Center all year.

Leaf Collection
Prior to our scheduled leaf collection, which typically begins after Thanksgiving and concludes before Christmas, the city conducts an unscheduled leaf collection. Crews focus on areas with high concentrations of leaves, narrow streets, and/or areas with little or no placement area for leaf piles.

Although leaf collection trucks may be in your neighborhood prior to Thanksgiving, it is not part of the regular, scheduled collection, and is being conducted to maintain traffic safety.