Shenandoah Valley Social Services Advisory Board

Administrative Board Members

  • Jennifer Whetzel, Augusta County
  • Steven Rosenberg, City of Staunton
  • Michael G. Hamp, II, City of Waynesboro

Advisory Board Members
  • Preston Hadley, August County Representative (Term ends June, 2021)
  • Hansford Johnson, Augusta County Representative (Term ends June, 2018)
  • Joy Ingram, Staunton City Representative (Term ends January 31, 2022)
  • Elaine Rose, Waynesboro Representative (Term ends September, 2024)

About the Board

The Cities of Staunton and Waynesboro and Augusta County share the responsibilities to provide social services to their residents. Powers and responsibilities of the board include the following:

Know the programs, goals and objectives of the local department of social services.
Take an active interest in state and local social services issues.
Avoid any hint of conflict of interest.
Enhance the public image of the LDSS.
Educate the public about the local social services programs and activities.
Serve as a liaison for the local department of social services.
Faithfully attend board and committee meetings.
Appointments to the local board are made by the respective governing body. Augusta County has three (3) members on the Board, and they serve four-year terms.

The Advisory Board meets four times a year. The quarterly meetings are usually scheduled on the last Tuesday of the month. Advisory Board members are notified of the date, time, and location of the meeting.