Judicial District Magistrates

Principal Function
Provide an independent unbiased review of complaints brought to the office by police officers, sheriffs, deputies, state troopers, and citizens of the commonwealth.

  • Issue arrest warrants requested by law enforcement officials or citizens
  • Issue search warrants requested by law enforcement to aid in an investigation
  • Consider bail and decide bond amounts
  • Commit an accused person to jail awaiting a court date
  • Issue warrants and subpoenas requiring people to appear before them or a court
  • Issue emergency custody orders for people to be evaluated by a mental health professional to determine whether they need to be hospitalized
  • Issue civil or criminal temporary mental detention orders, which commit mentally ill people to a mental health facility
  • Issue emergency protective orders in domestic violence situations ordering alleged aggressors of family violence to abide by prescribed conditions, which may include a no-contact order and determining who should be granted temporary custody of the residence