Rosenwald Improvement Committee

Regular Meetings
  • Meetings once a month
  • 413 Port Republic Road
About the Committee
Are you interested in seeing Rosenwald being  better utilized as a true community center?

Do you have any ideas for improvements, either regarding the facility, playground, use of building, or programming?

Are you involved in any groups (churches, neighborhood residents, organizations, etc.) that may be interested in helping to make Rosenwald a place where neighbors can meet and recreate?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, we’d love to have you come to the next meeting of RIC (Rosenwald Improvement Committee) and  share some of your thoughts. From there  we can work on assessing needs, setting up fundraisers, and working toward established (and new) goals to help move in the right direction.

For more information contact Susan Roberts at (540) 943-6735 or email