Art Wall & Displays

The Waynesboro Public Library has several display areas to help share your passion with the community. The art wall for framed work is located on the main floor near the circulation desk. Each floor also has a display case in the entry area.

If you are interested in displaying your work please fill out  our online application .

(Display decisions are at the library's sole discretion)

About Public Displays


The Library provides free opportunities for individuals and organizations to provide materials for exhibits on a variety of topics and interests, appealing to the diverse interests and concerns of the community.

Displays are scheduled for one or two months. 

Exhibitors may include their contact information as part of the display via signage, business cards, rack cards, or brochures. In addition, a price list can kept at the circulation desk for distribution to the public on request. Sales in conjunction with displays are allowed; however, transactions may not be conducted on library property. 

Small Display Case

The Small Display Case is located in the lower level hallway adjacent to the Local History Room and the Library’s programming rooms. The case is built into the wall and is 67.5” long x 14.5” wide x 42.5” tall.  It can be used with or without three full-sized glass shelves. The case is features a medium colored wood bottom and sides, with a brown hardboard for the back that can accommodate pins and staples.
The case has two sliding glass doors that lock. Fluorescent lighting is internal to the case.

Table Top Displays

The Library can accommodate small informational displays with or without related library books.  Tell us your ideas.

Large Display Case

The Large Display Case is built into the wall of the Library’s vestibule. It is 92” long x 13.75” wide x 43” tall and can be used with or without six glass shelves that are 43” x 12” each.  The sides and bottom of the case are a medium colored wood. The back is a brown hardboard that can accommodate pins and staples. 
The case has four sliding glass doors that lock. Lighting is internal to the case and is fluorescent.

Art Wall 

The curved Art Wall is covered with embossed wallpaper painted light blue. Art mounts via a Walker hanging rail system that is 15’5” long, with 5 moveable rods that are 55” long and end roughly 34” from the floor. There are moveable hooks and holders to accommodate saw tooth brackets and wire hangers. The rods are rated at 50 lbs. each with a 150 lb. limit per 8’ of rail. Lighting is halogen track, although the general lighting in the Library is fluorescent. A stanchion is available.