Reserve a Meeting Room

The library multipurpose rooms are available for non-profit groups at no charge. Businesses and for profit groups (any organization based on the profit motive) will be charged a fee of $30 per use.  The fee must be paid at the time of reservation or before the room is unlocked for the group.

The multipurpose rooms are located on the lower level of the library. One large room (Room A) has a capacity of 85 and one small room (Room B) has a capacity of 34. These may be combined for a total capacity of 119.

Also available for reservation is the library conference room, which seats 8 people at the table.

Requests for room reservation can be submitted by downloading and printing an application to return to the library or by using the online form. Please view our multi-purpose room policy before submitting a reservation request.  Applications for use must be made 5 working days in advance. Please contact 540-942-6746 if you have any questions.