Ceremonial Item Guidelines

  • There are Resolutions of Appreciation and Resolutions of Respect.  Both are approved by City Council during a City Council meeting.  A Resolution of Appreciation is reserved for special recognition of outstanding contributions by an organization or an individual.  A Resolution of Respect is presented to the family of a deceased prominent citizen, council member, or staff member.
  • This is presented to organizations in observance of a certain day, week, or month, such as "Child Abuse Prevention Month", "American Education Week", or "Black History Month".  They are presented to non-profit organizations in connection with national, statewide or local observances or in connection with a significant milestone
Certificate of Recognition
  • This is presented in recognition of a significant individual or organizational milestone.  This presentation is made at the request of citizens, organizations, and Council members.
Letters of Commendations, Recognition, Greetings, and Congratulations
  • These letters are prepared on either the Mayor's or City Council members' stationery and are presented at the request of citizens, Council members, or organizations.