Snow Removal

Snow clearing efforts will be restricted to Primaries as first priority with Secondaries being cleared as snow rate allows. Snow Access Routes will be cleared intermittently as Primary, Secondary and weather conditions permit and will have final clearing prior to efforts to clear residential areas by zone. Please see map for routes closest to your location for info on best route options. 

Once citywide network of Primary, Secondary and Access Routes are cleared, efforts will begin in residential areas by zone. Please see zone map for further information regarding your zone.

Here are some guidelines and points of interest that might make the stress of dealing with snow removal a little easier for both city residents and snow removal crews:

  1. If at all possible prior to the snow event, utilize off street parking when available. It is much easier for crews to clear the street when it is free of cars, trailers and other obstacles.
  2. Refrain from clearing your driveway until snow removal has been completed or, if you must clear driveway prior to completion, understand that crews may inadvertently re-cover the clearing. You can check to see if your area has been completed by viewing the Snow Map on our Homepage, following us on Twitter, or by calling our prerecorded Snow Removal Hotline at (540) 932-8240.
  3. Alleys do not get plowed unless they meet both of these requirements:
  • They are hard surfaced.
  • They provide sole (parking not allowed on street) access to an inhabited dwelling.

Inclement Weather Trash Pickup:

  • On minor snow events, trash collection will not be altered. If the snow has accumulated to the point that collection vehicles cannot safely negotiate alleys, then collection may have to be adjusted. The City will make every effort to resume collection as soon as conditions allow.
  • For information on trash collection schedules during inclement weather, a prerecorded Trash Collection Hotline will provide updates at (540) 932-8386.

Below you can find images of our snow collection routes. The city is divided into four areas. The first image show all primary (larger solid) and secondary (dotted) routes in our removal plan. In deeper snows we will also plow access routes as indicated with the smaller solid colored lines. The second image displays all of the snow zones throughout the city. We begin in each of the four areas starting in one and working our way through the map.

Should you have any further questions about snow removal, please call Public Works Operations at (540) 942-6743.

Primary, Secondary, and Access

Primary Snow Map

Zone Snow Map

Zone Snow Map

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