One-Time Complimentary Bulk Collection began on January 30, 2023

Permanent Updates to the City’s Bulk Collection Program will go into effect on March 1, 2023.  Prior to March 1, Public Works crews will collect existing debris piles to close out the current practice of free pickups. A one-time complimentary cleanup will begin January 30, 2023 following the Leaf Collection Area Map which can found here:

To ensure you receive a One-Time Complimentary Collection, residents in Areas 1 – 5 may place bulk debris out prior to January 30. Residents in Areas 6 – 9 may place bulk debris out prior to February 6, 2023. Use this Self-Service Map to search for your Area: or you may call our Street Division at (540) 942-6743.

Place any bulk debris out for One-Time Complimentary Collection at your normal trash pickup area.  Complimentary collection will not be provided once Public Works verifies collection is complete within any leaf collection area. Follow the City website and Facebook page for updates on the One-Time Complimentary Collection of bulk debris. 

Residents may also take bulk items (including yard debris) to the Augusta County Regional Landfill located at 749 Christians Creek Road, Staunton, VA 24401. More information about the Landfill can be found at

Bulk Collection Program Changes

The Bulk Debris Collection Program will be changing effective March 1, 2023. The New Program Guidelines will eliminate any free pickups and will charge on the basis of type of debris (Grindable Waste or Bulk Debris) and quantity of debris. See the chart below for a breakdown of costs.

Program Fee Schedule

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  1. Program Guidelines
  2. We WILL Collect
  3. We Will NOT Collect
  • New Program Guidelines for March 2023 will be announced soon (Stay tuned);
  • Make sure items are not placed against fences, sheds, utility poles or other structures or under utility wires to help facilitate collection;
  • Make sure the travel ways for streets, sidewalks and alleys remain unblocked by collection items to ensure safety;
  • Separate grindable items (brush, palettes, wood, etc.) from non-grindables; no brush should be on top of television, refrigerators, etc.
  • This service is not able to pick up debris from the complete removal of trees and large shrubs (see sizing guidelines on next tab); Yard waste should be from routine care and maintenance of lawns;
  • Bulk Debris left out for collection should be generated on or otherwise originated from the property designated for collection.

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