Bulk Collection

The bulk collection service for the City of Waynesboro is transitioning to a Work Order initiated service. This means that before you place your items out for the Knuckle Boom truck, you will need to submit a request for collection.  This request can be made in one of four easy and convenient ways:

  1. In person at Public Works Operations located at 900 Essex Avenue;
  2. By calling the Refuse Administration Division at (540) 942-6764;
  3. By faxing an Application for Bulk Collection to (540) 942-6769;
  4. Request a collection online. This can be completed by clicking the Request a Pickup link to the right of this page under "Quick Links".

Remember: submit a request for pick up and confirm a scheduled collection date before you place your items out. You will receive a confirmation of your collection date called a “Notice of Issued Work Order” approximately 14 days prior to scheduled pick up; items for collection may be placed out 7 days prior to noted collection date.

The first and second bulk debris collections for Refuse Collection customers are FREE within each calendar year. The complete fee schedule for the new program is as follows:

Bulk Collection Schedule
  1. Program Guidelines
  2. We WILL Collect
  3. We Will NOT Collect
  • Customer should receive a confirmation for collection and place items out no earlier than seven days prior to scheduled date;
  • Make sure items are not placed against fences, sheds, utility poles or other structures or under utility wires to help facilitate collection;
  • Make sure the travel ways for streets, sidewalks and alleys remain unblocked by collection items to ensure safety;
  • Separate grindable items (brush, palettes, wood, etc.) from non-grindables; no brush should be on top of television, refrigerators, etc.
  • This service is not able to pick up debris from the complete removal of trees and large shrubs (see sizing guidelines below); Yard waste should be from routine care and maintenance of lawns;
  • Bulk Debris left out for collection should be generated on or otherwise originated from the property designated for collection.

Contact Us

  1. Mark Bowman

    Public Works Superintendent
    Email Public Works

    900 Essex Ave.
    Waynesboro, VA 22980

    Ph: 540-942-6743
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