Water Adjustment Policy

Water adjustments are made for underground leaks and crawl space leaks only, and are not made for any inside plumbing leaks or lawn / garden watering. After the underground / crawl space leak has been repaired by a plumber, a Request for Water Adjustment Form may be obtained at the:

Public Works Admin/Utility Billing Office
941 Fir Street
Waynesboro, VA 22980

This must be signed by a plumber with invoice / receipt of work completed from which will be submitted to the finance director for review. If approved, the following adjustments will be applied to the utility account:

  • The three normal usage months prior to the high bill will be averaged and subtracted from the high bill
  • The resulting difference in water charges will be credited at a rate of 50% of the difference
  • The resulting difference in sewer charges will be credited at a rate of 100% of the difference