Required Inspections

Required inspections include but are not limited to the following:
  • Footing Inspection: Call for footing inspection after footings have been excavated, any forms and steps have been constructed, and any reinforcement has been installed, prior to placing concrete.
  • Slab Inspection: Basement and floor slabs, poured concrete foundation walls, and any self-supporting slabs must be inspected to ensure placement of vapor barriers, reinforcements, and perimeter insulation, prior to placing concrete.
  • Foundation / Drain Tile: Call for foundation inspection after foundation walls have been constructed and damp-proofed and anchor bolts have been installed, prior to any backfilling.
  • Rough-In Inspections: Call for inspection of electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and gas fitting materials and systems prior to concealment.
  • Framing Inspection: Call for framing inspection after the building is in the dry, prior to insulation.
  • Insulation Inspection: Call for insulation inspection before concealment. Fire / draft stopping will be inspected at this time.
  • Final Inspections: Call for final inspections when building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and gas fittings are complete and structure is ready for occupancy. Additional requirements for final inspection include providing a ladder for access, having all the utilities turned on, having off-street parking in place, and making sure the address is displayed on the structure and legible from the street and all landscaping, if required.
 Contact the Building & Zoning Department at 540-942-6628 at least 24 hours in advance to schedule an inspection.

* Please note that any work which requires more than one re-inspection will be charged a $50 re-inspection fee.