Leaf Collection

Leaf Map
  1. Collection Guidelines
  2. Area Divisions
  • Leaves will not be picked up from alleys
  • NEVER rake leaves into the street! Leaves in street can cause serious safety, drainage and ecological problems: slick pavement, danger to children playing in leaf piles, blocked storm sewers and possible imbalance in the South River if leaves drain in through storm sewers;
  • Where no curb exists, leaves should be located along the shoulder near the pavement edge;
  • On streets that have curb and gutter, please rake leaves to front edge of property   but far enough off the curb so that leaves don’t get washed into street;
  • Rake leaves between, instead of around, trees near the road;
  • Do not rake leaves onto sidewalks;
  • Because we recycle our leaves, please do not bag them;
  • Do not mix trash, limbs or cut grass with leaves; this creates a problem for the leaf vacuum;
  • Please cover blowing leaves with a tarp and city crews will remove & replace tarp in your yard.
  • All fallen leaves should be place out for collection PRIOR to the start of    Scheduled Leaf Collection.