Leaf Collection

Collection is currently in:

Area 5

Scheduled Collection

Scheduled leaf collection generally begins the Monday after the Thanksgiving Holiday (weather permitting) and concluding the first week in January. Details on exact dates will be published here when available.

Protecting Grass

Grass is dormant at this time of year and should not be damaged by these temporary piles if not raked out too far in advance of scheduled leaf pick up; however, the potential safety, drainage and ecological problems caused by raking leaves into the street  far outweigh the benefits of protecting the grass at the front edge of your property. We greatly appreciate your cooperation.


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Leaf Map

Leaf Collection Hotline

  • (540) 932-8240
Leaf Collection Guidelines

  • Leaves will not be picked up from alleys;
  • NEVER rake leaves into the street! Leaves in street can cause serious safety, drainage and ecological problems: slick pavement, danger to children playing in leaf piles, blocked storm sewers and possible imbalance in the South River if leaves drain in through storm sewers;
  • Where no curb exists, leaves should be located along the shoulder near the pavement edge;
  • On streets that have curb and gutter, please rake leaves to front edge of property but far enough off the curb so that leaves don’t get washed into street;
  • Rake leaves between, instead of around, trees near the road;
  • Do not rake leaves onto sidewalks;
  • Because we recycle our leaves, please do not bag them;
  • Do not mix trash, limbs or cut grass with leaves; this creates a problem for the leaf vacuum;
  • Please cover blowing leaves with a tarp and city crews will remove & replace tarp in your yard.
  • All fallen leaves should be place out for collection PRIOR to the start of Scheduled Leaf Collection.


Area Divisions

Area Includes:


Jefferson, Woodrow & Washington Aves; Club Court, River Shores & Oak Hill

Brandon Farms, Brandon Ladd, Fairway Hills
Rosser Ave. to Lew Dewitt Blvd.
Virginia Village, Jefferson Park, Stratford Farms
Wayne Hills
Locust Ave. to Rosser Ave.
Arch Ave. to Pine Ave.
East portion of Basic City
(east South River / north of CSX Railroad)
Dupont Blvd; S. Bayard Blvd. & S. Delphine Aves.