Leaf Collection 2023

Types of Leaf Collection Services

Waynesboro runs two types of leaf collection: An Unscheduled Safety Collection and a Scheduled Collection by Zone. 

Unscheduled Safety Collection looks for areas with a lot of leaves but limited frontage to hold these leaves safely. This type of collection will begin the first Monday after Halloween, working through the week of Thanksgiving. This is unscheduled and safety oriented so residents need not prepare for this type.

Scheduled Collection Services

Scheduled Collection is for residents who rake their leaves to the edge of their property and begins the first Monday after Thanksgiving (November 27th this year). Collection begins in Zone 1 and progresses through Zone 9 until all zones have been completed.

What is a Zone Map?

The Zone Map is attached below for your reference. It divides the city up into nine zones to provide a system for collection. If you’re not sure which zone you are in, contact our Streets Division at (540) 942-6743 or click on the Leaf Map link below.

 The Leaf Map Link will also help you track the progress of the Leaf collection crews. You can also call our pre-recorded Hotline at (540) 932-8240 or check out our Public Works Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/WaynesboroPublicWorks for updates.

Once I know which Zone I am in, When do I place my leaves out for collection?

Residents may place leaves out prior to the first Monday after Thanksgiving to ensure you won't miss the collection crews.

Where should I rake my leaves?​

You might be wondering where you are going to rake your leaves as the trees begin to make the transition to winter. Did you know that raking leaves properly actually helps the environment and promotes safety? When you rake to the edge of your property and stop short of the street, you help keep leaves out of gutters and storm drains. In turn this helps keep leaves out of the South River and reduces nutrient loading in the waters. Also, leaves can become slick when wet and can hide sticks and other ankle twisters for walkers if on sidewalks or in the street. Leaves are not collected in alleys so those leaves would need to be raked or pulled on a tarp to the street-facing part of your property. 

So please don’t rake leaves onto the sidewalk or into the street! And don't rake to the alley. Your efforts make a difference.

For additional information on Nutrient Loading, please visit the link below.

Using leaf collection and street cleaning to reduce nutrients in urban stormwater | U.S. Geological Survey (usgs.gov)

Composting Leaves

If you’re interested, leaves are compostable and help create healthy soil for yards and gardens.
Did you know that you could be the beneficiary of the natural compost that your leaves become by either mulching or composting? What would you need to do? Virginia Cooperative Extension Mulching has some information to get you started on mulching with your mower. If you want to move to composting your leaves at home you can check out their publication

 Virginia Cooperative Extension Composting on setting up a compost bin and how to use leaves to build it.

zone map