Community Support Grant Application

Community Support funds must be used by programs directly impacting residents of Staunton, Augusta County and/or Waynesboro.  Programs may request up to $2,000 in Community Support each fiscal year. Successful projects will be responsive to the areas of need identified through the 2021 CAPSAW Needs Assessment process as well as the Mission of CAPSAW.  Previous Community Support awards and other helpful information can be found on this website.

Who can apply? Eligibility is limited to nonprofit or local government organizations providing services to low- and moderate-income residents of Staunton, Augusta County and/or Waynesboro

Any entity employed by or under contract with an organization represented on the CAPSAW board, or vice versa, may apply for funding; however, such applications may not be reviewed or discussed by that CAPSAW board member. Similarly, any agency involved at the executive level of CAPSAW cannot discuss or participate in the review of an application submitted by their agency.

If an application is submitted by faith-based organizations, outreach efforts and service delivery must be conducted regardless of program beneficiary faith affiliation. Programs and services may not be marketed or offered exclusively to members of the sponsoring organization’s religious affiliation or denomination.

Activities must be delivered from a location that is accessible to all potential beneficiaries or an alternative means of service delivery to people with disabilities must be identified.

Amount of funding available:  $25,000 has been set aside for this program in FY 22. Individual award amounts are determined at the discretion of the CAPSAW Board of Directors. Decisions will be made by the CAPSAW Board in order of submission.

How much is typically awarded? Awards typically range from $250 - $2,000. Funds are disbursed on a reimbursement basis after receipts reflecting purchase are received. Additional information may be requested by CAPSAW staff prior to approval of application and/or the release of funds. Funds will not be used to support personnel, fundraising or general operating expenses. All reimbursements must be submitted by June 15, 2022.

How are CAPSAW Community Support dollars generally used?   Applicants should request reimbursable project supplies and other items typically not covered by CAPSAW’s multi-year funding program. Examples would include one-time expenses, appliances and emergency supports. Priority lies with requests seeking reimbursements for items that are not part of general operational expenses, have a direct relationship to client use and relate to CAPSAW's mission and strategic objectives. Community Support funds should not be used to cover staffing or other administrative expenses.

Requests for events that have already occurred may not be considered. You are encouraged to contact CAPSAW to discuss allowable expenses at

All proposals must be received, via by 5pm on the first Friday of each month. Proposals will be reviewed until funding has been allocated.

The CAPSAW Director will review applications determined to be time sensitive with the Chair of the CAPSAW Board of Directors for consideration. Please contact CAPSAW staff with questions about the content of this application.

Applications should be submitted via email at:

Application information can be found here:   CSUP FY 22 Application:   

The following Community Support requests have been approved in FY 22:

  • Rugged Hands Outreach:  $2,000 towards housing repair costs
  • United Way of Staunton, Augusta, and Waynesboro:  $2,000 for Mutual Aid SAW gift card program
  • Shenandoah Valley Head Start (Dixon Center):  $2,000 towards equipment
  • Valley Career and Technical Center:  $1,000 towards agricultural instruction supplies
  • Augusta Regional Dental Clinic:  $2,000 towards x-ray machine
  • Sin Barreras-Without Barriers:  $2,000 towards program expansion costs
  • Woodrow Wilson Workforce Rehabilitation Center Foundation:  $2,000 towards therapy-dog training
  • Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association:  $1,500 for "Shop with a Cop" expenses