Greenway Extension

In 2001, the City adopted a city-wide greenway plan. Since that time, 1.2 miles of the South River Greenway has been constructed and is utilized daily by pedestrians, cyclists, and those looking for river access (anglers and paddlers). The 2018 Comprehensive Plan furthered the commitment of the City to building on this early success. Goals have been laid out to connect Ridgeview Park to Basic Park by extending the South River Greenway and making a critical regional connection between downtown and  the Crozet Tunnel Trail by way of the Jones Hollow Trail. The City recognizes every investment in trails will be a force multiplier for property values in the City and that having a connected community allows for a higher quality of life for the residents. 


Greenway Phase 2B- Port Republic to North Park

In 2018 the City was awarded a VDOT Transportation Alternatives grant to design and construct the section of Greenway from its current terminus in the Port Republic Neighborhood to Bridge Avenue at North Park. Since the award, Waynesboro has been working with engineering firm, McCormick Taylor to design the route and secure the necessary right-of-way for construction. The construction bid was awarded to S&K Excavating, Inc and will begin as early as March 30, 2022. Construction is expected to be complete within 3-4 months depending on weather conditions throughout the process. Phase 2B of the greeway will officially open to the public no later than September 2022. 

Greenway Phase 3 - Loth Springs/Ridgeview Park Connector 

The City has been awarded $1,000,000 of funding from VDOT to design and construct the next major section of greenway, the Loth Springs/Ridgeview Park Connector Trail. This new section will allow for the safe and scenic connection of two of the City's most popular park facilities, the Greenway and Ridgeview Park.

On June 19, 2019 a Public Input Meeting was held at the Waynesboro Public Library. At this meeting the public was presented with 5 potential routes to make the connection fro Loth Springs to Ridgeview Park (map). The public was invited to submit comment sheets for Council to consider in the selection of a route. The results of the comments showed the Red Route (14th Street) as the favored route. The decision was made to pursue the project along that route.  

The City is working with the engineering firm of McCormick Taylor to develop the design of this phase of the greenway. 

Greenway Phase 4- North Park to Basic Park

In September of 2019, City Council granted permission to Parks and Recreation to pursue additional funding from VDOT to continue extending the greenway to Basic Park. In October, Parks and Recreation submitted an application which was partially funded in 2021 after a delay brought about by the pandemic. The City selected Rinker Design Associates (RDA) as their engineering firm in 2022. They will design and help acquire the necessary right-of-way for the project. A subsequent VDOT application has been submitted in an effort to obtain the rest of the necessary funding to complete this portion of greenway.