What information should be included on the site plan?
Minimum content for a site development plan should include the following information:
  • Title of the project
  • Name(s) of design professional(s)
  • Property owner
  • Signature panel for the agent’s approval
  • Zoning classification
  • The northpoint, scale, date, and vicinity map
  • The boundaries of the property involved, all existing property lines, and all setback lines
  • All existing and proposed contours with 4 foot intervals
  • All existing and proposed buildings or structures to include square footage, number of stories, and type of construction
  • Any proposed demolition plans and details
  • All watercourses, adjacent property lines, waterways or lakes, and other existing physical features in or adjoining the project, including flood hazard areas as identified by official city flood insurance maps
  • The location, dimensions, and character of construction of existing and proposed streets, alleys, sidewalks, right-of-ways, easements, construction entrance, curbs and gutters, and all curb cuts.
  • The location and size of existing and proposed sanitary sewers; water, gas, telephone, electric, and other utility lines; and culverts and other underground or overhead structures in or affecting the project, including existing and proposed facilities and easements for these facilities.
  • All existing and proposed parking, travel lanes, driveways, entrances, exits, loading spaces, walkways, and bicycle parking requirements, indicating type of surfacing, size, angle of stalls, width of aisles, and a specific schedule showing the number of parking spaces provided and the number required (§5.1)
  • Existing and proposed storm water management facilities and erosion and sediment control measures, indicating location, size, type, and grade of ditches, catch basins, and pipes, including on-site water retention and related requirements (Chapter 30, Erosion and Sediment Control)
  • All existing and proposed landscaping (§5.4)
  • Outdoor lighting plan (photometric analysis) to include all outdoor lighting systems, including luminary size, height, and fixture detail (§5.5)
  • Information necessary to demonstrate that all construction or development will fully comply with applicable federal, state, and local requirements for accessibility to the handicapped including signage placement and signage detail (§5.1.5.d)

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