How can I reserve a park pavilion (shelter) or the amphitheater?

Please visit the specific facility page located under the Parks & Facilities page for information on that facility including availability. Reservations can be made online from the shelter page. You will need to create an account (follow the prompts). Facility reservations for family reunions, showers, and the like are highly recommended as permitted reservations take precedence over first come, first serve use. Reservations may be made for the current year only. Facilities are reserved using block scheduling. The reservation fee is $40.00 before 2 p.m., $40.00 after 2 p.m. or $75.00 for the day. Payment is required for reservation confirmation. Permits will be emailed or arrangements can be made to pick them up during regular office hours at the Parks and Recreation office. 

Facility Reservation Rules & Regulations

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2. How can I reserve a park pavilion (shelter) or the amphitheater?
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