Can you give me seasonal suggestions for planting?
January - March
Perennials and ornamental grasses can be cut back to within a couple of inches from the ground any time during the winter months prior to new growth.

Flowering shrubs and trees need to be pruned with consideration to their developing flower buds. If the shrub or tree blooms in the spring, then prune just after the flowers fade. If the shrub or tree blooms in the summer, then prune in the winter months. By following this rule of thumb, you will optimize flowering because you will avoid cutting buds in their developmental stage.

April - June
Mulch may be applied to the landscape to help control weeds and to create a fresh clean look for spring. Care must be taken not to cover newly emerging plants. Seeds and tropical bulbs may be started indoors in April for later planting outside and annual flowers can be planted in May, after the threat of frost.

New trees can be planted at this time, but remember to water often if the weather gets hot and dry.

July - September
Remove dead flowers from your annuals and early blooming perennials to encourage more flowers or (in the case of your perennials) encourage the plants to put more energy into storage for the winter months. Water plants in the early morning to reduce the spread of diseases and keep weeds under control to reduce competition for water. Rain barrels are and inexpensive solution to always having water when you need it. In late summer cut back perennials or flowering bulbs if the leaves are brown and dry.

October - December
This is the time to clean up and remove annual flowers and collect seeds if you wish. Spring flowering bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, and crocus can be planted at this time. Plants such as violas or pansies can also be planted while the weather is still warm for a fall show of color. Most violas and pansies will produce more flowers in the early spring if left in the ground.

New trees can be planted at this time. Evergreens and shrubs which produce berries can be cut and used as holiday decorations.

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