What are the current building codes in effect?

2018 Virginia Residential Code (VRC) 

2018 Virginia Construction Code (VCC) 

2018 Virginia Existing Building Code (VEBC) 

2009 ICC A117.1 - Accessibility Standards 

2018 Virginia Energy Conservation Code (VECC) 

2018 Virginia Plumbing Code (VPC) 

2018 Virginia Mechanical Code 

2018 Virginia Fuel Gas Code (VFGC) 

2017 National Electric Code (NEC) aka NFPA 70 

2018 Virginia Maintenance Code (VMC) 

2018 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC) 

2018 International Fire Code  (IFC)

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1. What are the current building codes in effect?
2. Do I need a building permit?
3. How do I apply for a building permit?
4. What information will I need when I apply for a building permit?
5. Who can apply for a building permit?
6. How long does the review process take for residential projects?
7. Now that I have my building permit, what do I do with it?
8. How long is my permit good for?
9. What type of inspections will take place once my permit is issued and I have begun construction?
10. How do I schedule inspections?
11. How can I get a Certificate of Occupancy?
12. To do work in the City of Waynesboro, do I need a business license?
13. Can I get a permit for a manufactured home?
14. What are the quiet hours for construction related activities in the City of Waynesboro?