What are the steps necessary to evict someone?
Eviction Procedures
Notice means notice given in writing by either regular mail or hand delivery, with the sender retaining sufficient proof of having given such notice, which may be either a United States Postal Service certificate of mailing or a certificate of service confirming such mailing prepared by the sender. Notice may also be obtained from and served by the Sheriff's Department. The fee for this service is $12. If served by the Sheriff's Department, the original will be returned to you. If served by you, keep a copy, and document your service on your copy. For failure to pay back rent, tenants must be given a 5-day written Notice to Pay or Quit. For other reasons, tenants must be given a 30-day written Notice to Vacate. After 5-day or 30-day notice, the plaintiff obtains a Summons for Unlawful Detainer from the General District Court. A court date will be set. You must have your 5-day or 30-day notice with you to obtain the Summons for Unlawful Detainer.

If the judge grants immediate possession, the landlord can obtain the Writ of Possession the same day. If the judge grants possession in 10 days, the landlord must wait 10 days to obtain the Writ of Possession. Following the issuance of the Writ of Possession, the Sheriff's Department has up to 30 days to execute the eviction. Once the Writ of Possession is received in the Sheriff's Department, the tenants will be given a minimum of 72 hours of the date and time of the schedule eviction.

If tenants are not out, it is the responsibility of the landlord to remove tenants possessions from the property, to be placed on the curb or other area as designated by the Sheriff. Tenants are allowed 24 hours to retrieve possessions. The landlord also has the option to lock up the residence and allow the tenants 24 hours to make arrangements with the landlord to obtain his/her possessions. Disposal of any / all items remaining after the eviction is the responsibility of the landlord.

In the event the landlord does not make such preparation, or fails to comply with reasonable conditions imposed regarding the eviction, the Sheriff may cancel the eviction. The landlord must arrive on time, a deputy will wait no longer than 10 minutes after the scheduled eviction time. It will be the responsibility of the landlord to reschedule a new eviction date. The Sheriff's Department reserves the right to postpone a scheduled eviction due to inclement weather.

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