What is the site plan submittal process?
  1. Applicants and design professionals who are unfamiliar with the development requirements of the city are strongly encouraged to meet with the Site Development Team once a concept plan has been designed but prior to plan submission. The city may require a pre-application conference with the applicant for large or complex projects.
  2. The completed site development application, eight copies of the site plan, and two sets of E&S / SWM calculations are submitted to the Building and Zoning Department along with the appropriate fee.
  3. Site plans applications are logged by staff and distributed to the other city departments involved in the review process.
  4. Individual departments have four weeks to review the plans for compliance with the city site development standards.
  5. Comments are provided to the Building and Zoning Department.
  6. The site plan review coordinator compiles all of the comments into one consolidated response for the applicant.

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