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Mobile Food Preparation Permit Application

  1. Have you filled out and been approved for a mobile food vending operation permit through the City of Waynesboro in the current calendar year?*
  2. Business Information
  3. Permit Type*
  4. Business Type*
  5. Mobile Unit Information
  6. Unit Type*
  7. For Tent / Canopy: Please attach the Certificate of Flame Resistance
  8. For Tent / Canopy: Please attach the overall tent layout (floor plan) showing where items will be located within and around your tent.
  9. Will your mobile food preparation unit be towed by an additional vehicle?*
  10. Contact Information
  11. Ex. Driver's License
  12. Ex. Driver's License
  13. if applicable
  14. Event Information
  15. Multiple Events?*
  16. Additional Information
  17. Are you preparing oil/grease producing foods?*
  18. What fuel is being used for cooking?*
  19. *Must be on company letterhead and have the owner's signature.
  20. Does your mobile food vending unit have a hood suppression system?*
  21. Acknowledgement*
    I attest the information provided is complete and accurate. I have reviewed the attached information sheet, and I acknowledge and agree to comply with all applicable requirements of the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code (SFPC) and the referenced NFPA standard. I also acknowledge that if a permit is issued it shall be valid only at the location listed on the application and for the specific date(s) and time(s) for which it is issued. If approved to proceed, I acknowledge that such approval is conditional upon continued compliance with the SFPC. I further acknowledge and understand that any SFPC violations identified after approval to proceed may result in denial of final permit issuance or immediate suspension or revocation of a permit.
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